Vitamin C does what?!

Vitamin C acts as a virucide and bactericide and can shrink tumors. It can also treat over 30 major diseases.

James and the Giant Cure

I first stumbled across this mind-blowing information in a documentary called Food Matters. This engrossing film discusses a range of issues concerning food, including how to use food to combat depression and natural cancer therapies. This film is critical for anyone interested in learning how to use food therapeutically. A good overview of the documentary can be found here.

Back to Vitamin C. I’ve reconfigured my thinking about it after personally experiencing its affects. I’ll tell you this: it’s more than just a vitamin as we know vitamins. In high doses, it does some pretty unexpected and incredible work in our bodies.

You’d think I’d put this information right to practice. Fact is, even though I internalized that Vitamin C can kill viruses and bacteria with piqued interest, I forgot about it. It wasn’t until about a month later that I was able to test out Vitamin C’s potential.

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  1. Wow again fantastic post. I have always been a huge advocate of vitamin C and people have always made fun of me. “Kristen, Vitamin C does not count as medicine!” but like you I have taken it around sick people and dodged some horrible sicknesses. Thanks for providing me with the facts to fight these philistines. What I found most moving was that movie. Its truely incredible that it’s being used intravenously to treat cancer! Thank you for also including so many awesome links I can’t wait to check them out. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Yesss! Who knew that an orange a day could keep strep throat away?? Apparently you did! Thanks so much for sharing this vital info 🙂

  2. Vitamin C Does What?!

    I’ve used vitamin C to ward off illness and reduce the length of illness. I also noticed that Vitamin C does an amazing job to make skin glow, in a healthy way.

    Science and conventional medical schools have conducted Vitamin C research over the years since Linus Pauling first stated that high vitamin C doses reduces cancer. For most of my life, I’ve heard the value and warnings of too much or too little vitamin C. I am not aware of any double-blind research showing conclusive results about the relationship between vitamin C and cancer. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a connection.

    The Mayo Clinic has done a lot of research of vitamn C; but, I’ve seen and heard reports of research pointing out that the research model was flawed or that statistics and conclusions were drawn from the research results that were not warranted.

    I’ve also had the experience of watching an aunt who was so pained with Rheumatoid Arthritis that she ordered special powders from Mexico to relieve the pain. Did they work? My aunt’s RA disappeared and she died from uterine cancer.

    The question is less about the value of vitamin C and more about where the research grants go and why. I’ve “heard” many times that discoveries for the end of cancer have been made but are squashed by companies whose revenues depend on cancer remaining a disease affecting many.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if vitamin C was part of the answer to ending cancer? Perhaps it is. If anyone knows of new research data showing the effect of vitamin c on cancer patients, perhaps you can share the information with all of us.

  3. You’re on the right track for sure. The best vitamin c practice: Trader Joe’s pure vitamin c crystals (cheapest and pure at about $9.99/lb). 1 tsp in water/juice 3-times a day (12gms a day), for the rest of your life. More for therapy. Pregnant women and babies need this absolutely. Pass on the info, as all humans need at least 8 grams spread out over the day. Here are some links for further info:

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