Don’t feed the models: Obesity, Part 1

Note to the reader — Be sure to click on both pictures and words with hyperlinks, they lead to sites that provide evidence and expand further on the subject. 

“Obesity is the terror within. It is destroying us, destroying our society from within. And unless we do something about it, the magnitude of the dilemma will dwarf 9/11 or any other terrorist event that you can point out to me.”  

— Dr Richard Carmona, US Surgeon General 2002-2008

112,000 > 28

These numbers speak for themselves. Americans are in the middle of a battle far more lethal on our home turf, with very real death tolls. We’re not funding just one war, but two. Our tax money goes towards the many causes of our health epidemic.

The obesity crisis is deeply rooted within our country. I almost favor calling it a conundrum instead of a crisis because of how convoluted the issue has become with equally evasive solutions. Who do we blame? The government? The food industry? Ourselves? Biology? Is it nobody’s fault?

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2 responses

  1. I just want to say what a compelling video that is in the beginning. The 12 year old getting liposuction is so sad yet it’s the reality of the state of our country right now. I personally am from PA and 30% of our state is obese! I would like to see that broken down by age groups. Of course I agree that school lunches need to be changed but what about the other 130 hours of the week when the kids aren’t in school. I believe parents need to accept more responsibility in teaching their children healthy ways of eating but how can they if they don’t know it themselves. What else do you think could be done to educate the parents?

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